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Grand Paws Place dog boarding kennel and doggy day care offers a safe, controlled and most of all entertaining environment for your pet dogs to play and get lots of tender loving care and attention!  We also offer doggy day care services. Dog owners can drop off their pets in the morning and just pick them up in the evening. We also provide overnight boarding for travelers.

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$30.00 per night

$20.00 per night for 2nd dog in same family (and 3rd, 4th, etc. – not required to board in the same kennel)

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Doggy Daycare

Does your pet give you those puppy dog eyes each time you go to work? When you are ready to throw in the towel after a hard day’s work, is your best friend just getting ready for some playtime and leisurely walks since he has not been doing anything all day long?

If you find yourself in this predicament most of the time then the best solution is Grand Paws Place Doggie Day Care Services

It’s as simple as dropping your pet at our Day Camp. In here, he gets to have a lot of playtime to spend all that pent up energy. He gets supervised play at our huge fenced-in play yard. When you pick him up at the end of the day, all that he will be ready to do is cuddle up with you.

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Grooming at Grand Paws Place is the best way for your pet to end its fun stay with us, and is also a wonderful manner to get fresh and pampered. Just give us a call 763-295-4018 or click the link in order to make an appointment today with our dog groomer specialist.

Grand Paws Place is offering a full line of grooming services for your pet dog. Give us a call today for an appointment.

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Grand Paws Place has been life changing for us as well as Bailey.  It’s a perfect place for him to run, play and have fun with other dogs.  Taking him there twice a week has made such a difference with

Wendy M.

I am really particular about leaving my dog.  I feel very comfortable leaving Teddy with you.  I can tell you truely care about each pet left in your care.  You listen to my individual needs for my dog.

Shelly (and Teddy) McHenry

I absolutely love bringing Pearl to GrandPaws Place.  She is a very active dog and I like how much outside play-time she gets at your facility.  Previous puppy-sitters have reported that she gets depressed when we’re away, but the photographic

Jens Rhoades

Professional Dog Care

Dog owners trust us to look after the needs of their beloved companions. We are specialists committed to delivering the very highest of care and affection.

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