Grand Paws Place is offering a full line of grooming services for your pet dog. Give us a call today for an appointment.

Basic Bath

Inclusions: bath, cleaning of ears, nails and massage. You may request a de-shed for an additional fee.

Fee: $15-$60 dollars depending on the size of your pet.

Full Groom

Inclusions: Bath, haircut, ears, nails, massage. De-shed available upon request for an additional fee.

Call us today for the rates. We charge based on the size of your pet, cut, matting and amount of time needed for grooming.













Grooming @ Grand Paws Place is the best way for your pet to end its fun stay with us, and is also a wonderful manner to get fresh and pampered. Just give us a call 763-295-4018 or click the link in order to make an appointment today with our dog groomer specialist.

Grand Paws Place has been life changing for us as well as Bailey.  It’s a perfect place for him to run, play and have fun with other dogs.  Taking him there twice a week has made such a difference with

Wendy M.

I am really particular about leaving my dog.  I feel very comfortable leaving Teddy with you.  I can tell you truely care about each pet left in your care.  You listen to my individual needs for my dog.

Shelly (and Teddy) McHenry

I absolutely love bringing Pearl to GrandPaws Place.  She is a very active dog and I like how much outside play-time she gets at your facility.  Previous puppy-sitters have reported that she gets depressed when we’re away, but the photographic

Jens Rhoades