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My situation was somewhat unique in that I moved back to Minnesota and needed to find a suitable place that was willing to take my dog for a longer-term stay while I got settled. I found that place with GrandPaws Place. When I first visited I noticed how well-kept the area was and I was


Brenda Roberts

I love bringing my dog to Grandpaws place because I can tell that he loves it. Ihardly need a leash to get from the car to the front door because he is so excited to go in. He is happy to see Kristi or who ever is working that day and they all know him

Brenda Roberts2018-01-25T20:32:53+00:00

Dean and Joan Lindquist

Shelby is a spoiled 10 year old Golden Retriever.  When we travel we need to board Shelby at a clean, well run kennel that she feels comfortable with the people.  Shelby loves  the social time with all of her pal's.   An older dog has special needs and Grand paws always take excellent care of her. 

Dean and Joan Lindquist2018-01-25T20:32:53+00:00

Wendy M.

Grand Paws Place has been life changing for us as well as Bailey.  It's a perfect place for him to run, play and have fun with other dogs.  Taking him there twice a week has made such a difference with his overall behavior.  With him being a hunting dog he needs a place to expend

Wendy M.2018-01-25T20:32:53+00:00

Mike and Jeanette Zetah

Just a quick note to thank you for taking such great care of Brandy this past weekend. She was happy to see us (and tired), but we know she had a good time...she told us so by not "poo pooing" us for leaving her somewhere.It's obvious you care for each and every dog you take

Mike and Jeanette Zetah2018-01-25T20:32:53+00:00

Shelly (and Teddy) McHenry

I am really particular about leaving my dog.  I feel very comfortable leaving Teddy with you.  I can tell you truely care about each pet left in your care.  You listen to my individual needs for my dog.  I love the idea of not having him kenneled the entire time....the couches and movies are great!  

Shelly (and Teddy) McHenry2018-01-25T20:32:53+00:00

Jens Rhoades

I absolutely love bringing Pearl to GrandPaws Place.  She is a very active dog and I like how much outside play-time she gets at your facility.  Previous puppy-sitters have reported that she gets depressed when we're away, but the photographic evidence and report card that you give show a rambunctious and happy dog.  It's nice

Jens Rhoades2018-01-25T20:32:53+00:00

Anne Lieser

I know my dogs have had a great time playing at GrandPaws when I bring them home and they sleep for the rest of the day.  All the excitement of playing with new dogs wear them out in a positive way.  I have an Australian Shepherd than can be shy with new dogs and even

Anne Lieser2018-01-25T20:32:53+00:00

Nancy & David Prine

It is hard to find the words to describe what Grand Paws means to us.  First of all, our little dog Rudy absolutely loves coming, and staying with you.  Ever since Rudy's first stay all I have to say is, "Want to go to Kristi's", and he is goes in circles, unable to contain his

Nancy & David Prine2018-01-25T20:32:53+00:00

Lori Hinz

Thanks for always taking such great care of Yukon.  Yukon loves to stay at Grandpaws Place and watch movies and romp around with his new friends.  I always feel confident that he will be well taken care of and loved while I’m gone.  Your facility is always very clean and your staff is very courteous

Lori Hinz2018-01-25T20:32:53+00:00
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